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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


It is recommended to book a reservation with our Prom Pink Limo service early as you can. A reservation made earlier can ensure that the limousine you require is available. To reserve a limousine, contact us to book our Prom Pink Limo service by telephone or online!

No shows

It is recommended to stay clear of a no-show. Don’t leave if your driver is not at the location of pickup. Contact our office to arrange transport or relay information to the driver. There will be a non-refundable fee if you’re not within the same vicinity as the driver or he fails to reach you. The charge is the total cost of the trip.

If you must wait for a driver due to a traffic jam, family emergencies, or a hair appointment, then make sure you contact them. The driver will only stay at the location you usually pick up – whether in the city’s center or a residential area. The driver will take between 30 and 60 minutes if you arrive from the airport. During the waiting period, the driver and the office will attempt to contact you to inquire about the cause of the delay and to verify that you are still in need of the scheduled transportation. If there is no response, the late fee will be added to the no-show charge, and the driver is required to return to the office.

You can request that your driver waits with you if you are in a hurry. They are more than capable of waiting, ensuring everyone is satisfied at the end of the day despite the initial issues.

Damages To the Vehicle

Sometimes, passengers are drunk, or pets escape from their carriers and cause an accident. We know that accidents do occur, no matter the reason. We will fairly compensate for any damages that the passengers in transportation caused. Our Prom Pink Limo service will charge you reasonable fees for cleaning the vehicle (in case someone becomes ill or vomits) and any repair costs (such as a tear in the fabric). We will outline and explain the exact restoration costs so you know precisely what occurred and what you should do.

Credit Card Transitions

Our goal is to avoid fraud both for the cardholder and ourselves and ensure that no unneeded remainders remain after the trip has been completed. This is the first step in achieving this job. It is essential to confirm the availability of funds on your card. The fund’s check will be listed as “Pending funds” on your online statement. The amount may be slightly higher to cover damages or requests for drinks at the last minute. If the balance owing is higher than the money earned during the trip, the remaining amount will be paid, and the balance charged.


Disputes, overcharges, and complaints may be divided into two groups: non-corporate. Corporate customers believe that all of the charges listed are correct, except for the case where a complaint has been made. You must make a complaint within ten days from the service date. If you wish to have any complaints or disputes considered, please send us an email or fax with the complaint and the disputed charges so that we can examine them and decide the best course of action.

If you’re a non-corporate customer, all charges incurred at the time of service are valid and correct unless a dispute is filed within fifteen days of the service date. We require you to send us an email, fax, or letter detailing the disputable charges and the reasons.

Collection Fees

You are responsible for any costs incurred by counsel or accounting, as well as litigation and legal counsel, in addition to the collection of the initial payment.

Rate Changes

We are entitled to change the number of charges or fees we charge except in the rare case that our service prices are increased at the best NJ limousine company.

Itemized Invoices

To ensure clients and ourselves are clear about the charges for services rendered To ensure that we are clear about the costs and fees, we provide itemized invoices. For corporate accounts, invoices are sent every 2 to 4 weeks, and Non-corporate accounts will receive invoices when requested or after receipt of charges.

The Date for Payment Due

If a client is not paying via credit card, we’ll hold the cash on the card until the service date; payments need to be paid within a specified time. Corporate accounts are required to be paid within 15 days of receipt of the invoice itemized. Any client without corporate accounts has to pay the invoice when the service is complete.

Point-to-point fare

The price for the service is calculated by the distance at which points are from each other and what zones they are located in. Corporate accounts often receive significant discounts based on mileage and points accrued on use. If you have a corporate account, contact one of our representatives a phone call, and we can see whether any discounts are available. Be arranged depending on the amount of usage.

Hourly Rates

You can lease some of our vehicles on an hourly basis. The service depends on the vehicle’s location and how many hours are required.

Time to wait

A driver will wait for a set period at the designated pickup time before returning to work. In the case of domestic flights, the grace time is thirty minutes if the pickup occurs at an airport. International flights are granted a 45-minute grace period. The grace period in regular pickup locations is 10 minutes. A wait time will be charged if it is longer than ten minutes.

Remember that drivers review every flight; if delays are reported, there is no wait time.


Passengers may stop to get coffee or to use the bathroom. The stops aren’t cost-based. However, costs could be incurred if there are lengthy wait times or many visits at these stops. Call our office at the top NJ limousine service to discuss the possibility of charges.


If there are toll routes, the charges are charged to the customer.

Meet & Greet

Our Prom Pink Limo offers meet and greets services to our clients. You can meet and greet on certain vehicles for free, but make sure you ask. Otherwise, there will be a small charge. The driver will wear a sign bearing the passenger’s name and stand, sandstorms exit, or their bag picks up their baggage times for passengers are listed below. International or domestic flights can determine them.


Airports charge parking charges directly to customers. The fees typically range from $8 and $16. However, they can differ depending on when the driver is waiting for the passenger. The prices are billed directly to the airport and not our company.


Baby Seats

Baby seats are in demand; however, you must inform us ahead of time when making reservations. It is suggested that the child’s guardians bring the baby seat instead.

Holiday Surcharges

There may be an additional cost for holidays that are not public holidays or during severe weather. The exact amount will be based on the severity, duration, and length of travel. The holidays subject to a charge will be incurred, including Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


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