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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Prom Pink Limo are committed to protecting your private information. To provide a clear and concise explanation of our steadfast commitment to the security of your privacy, we’ve provided our policy below regarding any information we may collect at the most reputable new NJ limousine firm.

“By visiting the website, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid forth in this policy, and it is included in our terms of service and is subject to these conditions. On the off chance that an individual is using the site for the benefit of a business entity, whether as an employee, consultant, or agent of the business entity, in doing so, the user declares that they have the legal authority and capacity to bind that business entity to this privacy policy. “you” shall refer both to the person who is accessing the website on behalf of a business entity, if there is one or any business entity itself. “

It’s crucial to understand that by using our website with this disclosed privacy policy, you are also bound by the conditions and terms outlined in the policy. Should you be one person using our website to make reservations for a business, company, or another type of organization, you must understand that by doing so, the terms and conditions also bind that entity to our privacy policy.

Please stop using this website if you don’t agree to any of the conditions below. Continued use is an acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms. We will notify you about the following:

  • How do we use and gather the data received
  • No matter whether or not we share any data
  • Who is the person who processes personal data that we provide through our website
  • How do you erase your personal information and revise it or rectify it in any way
  • How do we protect your personal information?

What are personal details?

The information we protect on this site includes any personal information that could enable an individual or entity to reach you or have information about you. This includes your name, address, phone number, and email address. Other information, such as insurance, credit card, and secondary contact information, are protected personal data.

Anyone who wants to visit our website to look over our NJ limo service may use our website without providing any of their personal information to us. All information and images posted on our website are free for visitors to view and do not require anything in return. Individual data can be collected when a visitor needs information, materials or requests one of our NJ limousine services through our website.

To ensure that you can secure any limousine or other service we offer for the date(s) you need, we highly advise you to reserve it on our website as soon as possible. You must enter the user’s details to secure a valid and complete reservation. User data refers to the elements and contact details of the individual who is the principal passenger and the person who is paying for the reservation.

Once this personal information is entered into the profile, it will be made so that any future reservations are made by simply entering an account and username.

To create a profile or a booking for the first time, it is necessary to fill in information such as an account username, phone number, email address, and address. To make the reservation, further details will be required for the guest. This will include their email address and name along with their phone number as well as their location.

Your IP address and search patterns are just two types of information our site could collect. Our site contains this information to identify individual users who visit our site, and it also tracks the location they come from and what they are searching for. They are used to analyze the data on our website and to record what was done on that specific IP number’s website.

Who is responsible for the collection of your personal information?

We collect data from visitors to our Prom Pink Limo website, including their computer’s IP address and details that users give us when they sign up for an account or make reservations. We can share any information entered into our website with an organization to maintain, continue operation and improve our Prom Pink Limo website.

Any information we may outsource to another company is legally and legally obliged. Outside organizations do not have legal ownership or permission to utilize the information we provide for other purposes beyond managing and maintaining our website. There are instances where personal data can be obtained from reservations made by outside sources, here at the top NJ limo company; we ensure that we can get all the legal rights and licenses required to acquire and utilize that data. You are free to consult with a different reservation agent to get our NJ limo service. We suggest you go through their privacy policies and ensure that the personal information you provide is secured. You are responsible for investigating outside companies, as we are responsible only for our privacy protection and security.

What information is shared with third parties?

Third-party users are not granted free rein over the information we provide them. Instead, it is with the legal obligation that they are only permitted to use the data and information provided for analytical use and management of the site. The site collects information to track visitors’ patterns, make administrative decisions, and track their movements.

Information about private information could be given to different merchants and businesses who help manage our site and our limousine service. We can also provide additional information if you request that a separate entity be used for the limousine service. This is done to ensure that all reservations and plans are completed as requested.

In addition to using your personal information for reservations and analytical reasons, we may also use your information to promote our services or for company announcements. These purposes could include emails, notifications, postal mail, phone calls, and possibly even faxes. It is essential to know that while we may promote our different services and offerings to our customers, we do not use the information we collect in an online overview for another purpose other than that it was initially collected.

It is essential to know that the information we’ve collected could be included in any sale or merger of Prom Pink Limo companies. Also, be mindful that there may be instances when vast quantities of data could be made available to the public for administration, promotions, and others. Data sharing in mass quantities is not targeted at a specific person or organization; instead, it is intended to view every data.

Data collection, use, and distribution control

Your data is entirely yours to handle. If you have any questions regarding the information we’ve collected about you or how it might be used, we invite you to contact us. If you do not wish to receive promotional material from us (such as letters or emails via post), it’s important to let us know. We respect your privacy preferences and will be happy to fulfill any requests for personal information. Contact us today to discuss any concerns or questions you might have regarding the dissemination of personal information.

If an official or government authority requests details about reservations or personal information provided by our company, We are obliged to comply with the request. The information we provide is not accessible to the general public for free, and we need legal authorization before we can fulfill any requests.

Updating or deleting personal information gathered

There are various ways to modify your personal information that we store on our site or by our admins. The first is that you can create an account on our website that permits you to directly change any contact information, including reservation information such as passenger information, details for passengers, phone numbers, emails, and much more. You can also change the password or username for your profile on our site to ensure your data is safe and protected.

Another way in which you can modify your personal information on our website is to contact us directly. We need to confirm your identity before any information can be altered. Before any information can be changed, we can ask you a few security questions in the event this is done via phone. Make sure you inform us that we do not know their privacy policies if we make contact via the internet or an intermediary. Please ensure that you’re aware of their privacy policies before sending any personal information using their contact methods.

Contact us if you wish to erase or delete any personal information on our site. We can make sure that the information you request is deleted and that there are no other businesses or organizations that can use those particular bits of data from us. Outdated archives and storage databases may still contain the information that you have requested. However, we will try our best to erase all data associated with that information.

Our website is located in the United States of America and thus falls under its laws and regulations. If you are from a different country, you consent for your information to be transferred to the USA when you continue using our site.

Remember that this privacy policy could be modified at any time in the future; We will inform our users of the modifications and ask for their consent to the new privacy policies.


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